Safety Tips you Never Think About

Never put the first name of a child on the back of their sports jersey/baseball shirt. A criminal would simply call their name and an avoidable tragedy occurs.

When you purchase a large item, never leave the box/container with the picture on it for everyone to see for trash pickup. This invites trouble, wow, the Johnson’s got a new television. Next thing you know, you are being robbed or burglarized. Destroy the box so that the contents are not visible to any passerby, tear it down, pull off the picture, turn it inside out, whatever it takes even if it means a trip to the local disposal site.

GPS setting:  Never set “home” to your actual address. Someone steals your GPS and the first thing they do, look up your home address.

Where’s your toothbrush? Scientific studies have shown that when you flush the toilet, spray moves throughout the room up to six feet. So, I ask again, where’s your toothbrush? Mine is in the medicine cabinet. Just say’n.

Never put sharp knives in soapy water when washing dishes by hand. Select item, wash immediately. Stitches waiting for unseen cutlery in suds.








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