Suspense/Thriller of approximately 85,000 words.

Josephine Waters is not a psychopath. She does have the ability to turn off emotions learned very young and now, made her a lot of money. She wanted to retire, she didn’t have the heart anymore. After a year of negotiations, a final agreement had been reached. They would provide her with a new identity, a new life with the understanding she would complete one last assignment. Her last mission complete; she realizes her target was not a Taliban gun supplier, but a champion chocking out pipelines to terrorist organizations. The Governor of Pennsylvania appointed by the president to head up a task force is now dead by her hand. The agency that saved her life now manipulated her into signing her own death warrant.

The William’s Rodeo Bull Ranch in Colorado is under scrutiny when three prize-winning bulls die under mysterious circumstances. Tucker Williams, head of the family business trying to save the family business, dealing with animal activists and raising his brothers and sisters after the death of his parents.  After fourteen years, his first love returns asking for a job and a place to stay. Tucker Williams would put her to work, mucking barns and cleaning toilets and when she’d had enough, he would give her more. She broke his heart and killed his trust for any woman. He needed answers. He would make her suffer, make her fall in love with him, then break her hear like she had broken his.

Jo works to clear her name with a gun in one hand and a vacuum in the other as the housekeeper for the Williams Ranch.  However, she didn’t realize it was far more dangerous to be near Tucker, her first love, than terrorists with automatic weapons. After trying to learn domestic duties, rodeo bulls, and outwit a possessed rooster named Dueeze, she learned that maybe there could be happy endings. Placing all her cards on the table, she would fight for what they lost and the possible happily ever after. Would he ever forgive her for putting his family in danger, and using them to avoid the electric chair.

AWARD: Best Fight Scene, Authors Combat Academy.


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