Jackie’s Drag Queens

Charlie is a coroner investigator who is working with police on a series of Drag Queen murders in Nashville. Jackie’s, an Entertainment Palace on the east side of the Music Capital of the world. Known for popular musicals and near-operatic storylines, premier Drag Queen entertainers are often overlooked in Music City and the country life that Nashville promotes. When the second murder occurs, the Major insists on a task force to investigate while trying to keep it out of the papers. Jackie’s once known worldwide for outstanding performances now is a stage for murder worldwide.

Touching on the deep underworld of perversion and those who are simply in love with entertainment, a killer is on the hunt and drag queens are their quarry.

I came up with the idea from some friends in the entertainment industry. Approximately 40,000 words in or half-way done (ish).

AWARD:  Best First Sentence, Thrillerfest, 2017.


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