Cave Dweller

A thriller of approximately 95,000 words.

A female cop in Needmore, Tennessee who discovers the first of many bodies left in an intricate cave system. The press has dubbed the serial killer, the Cave Dweller. Victoria, better known as Vic, grew up in Needmore and like Charlies Angles, is given menial tasks such as desk duty and crossing guard at Elam Elementary as the first female detective in the small hillside town. That is until she finds a body in a local cave, Mama’s Milk. Attempting to remain in control (think of Jody Foster in Contact) fighting against the political system and good-ole-boy network, she also must fight against a killer who seems to be several steps ahead of her at every turn. As she works in her personal life on overcoming an ever-worsening compulsive disorder, she adapts by using her unrelenting attention to detail to find clues to a serial killer hiding in plain sight.


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