Cave Dweller

A thriller.

Victoria, better known as Vic, the only detective in the good ‘ole boy town of Needmore, Tennessee. Her responsibilities include answering phones, fingerprints and crossing guard at Elam Elementary. That is until she finds a body in a local cave, Mama’s Milk. Attempting to remain in control (think of Jody Foster in Contact) fighting against the political system in the small town of her birth who still see her as a teenage girl, now she must fight to find a killer who remains several steps ahead of the investigation. As she works in her personal life on overcoming an ever-worsening compulsive disorder, she adapts by using her unrelenting attention to detail to find clues to a serial killer hiding in plain sight.

FBI Agent Dominick Moretti born and raised in Brooklyn, New York is called in assist in the investigations. Recently assigned to the Nashville office.

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