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Living just east of Nashville, Tennessee, Kolin lives in the small town of her husband’s birth and generations before him with their four sons. She writes suspense/thrillers with a romantic element and often pulls from her experience as a cop. As one of the few female police officers in a good ‘ole boy southern town, she has a plethora of ideas and storylines stored in a file drawer that may rival James Patterson. Although no longer in law enforcement, she remains friends with many and they are always willing to confirm facts or give a critique. Her friends and family are grateful that she has an outlet to her dark side.

She is currently editing a stand-alone (Jo), and (Jess who shall soon be renamed) working on the (Ed) and Herkie Campground Mysteries as well as the Copper Moran Investigations (Scottie).

When not writing, she enjoys kayaking, riding motorcycles through east Tennessee, touring in their ’72 Jeep CJ5 or attending Nashville Predator hockey games or watch party. As an ice hockey college goalie parent herself and son #4 finishing his senior year at Davenport University in Michigan.

Shot by John Mofield
Jacob Mofield

She will miss the high-level hockey competition and her active goalie mama status. She will continue to support the Nashville Predators because hockey ice never melts and it’s cooler in the south!

Go Preds!

Me & The Boys

See ya in the bookstores!



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